MottCalc is a software support tool for the theoretical calculation of angular or energy cross-section distributions for the elastic Mott Scattering of identical nuclei, especially suitable for ERDA applications. It is based on the analytical Mott formula for the description of the phenomenon and it includes 314 stable isotopes as both incident and target nuclei, while also allowing for the possible inclusion of other (e.g. radioactive) isotopes, as specified by the user. The distributions take into account the electronic screening effect by implementing the Andersen model, however the code does not include any possible deviations from pure Mott scattering due to nuclear perturbations. The software is available for free download as an excel spreadsheet or as a standalone application.

The Excel Spreadsheet

The excel spreadsheet provides angular or energy distributions in the Lab and Center of Mass frames of reference. It also allows for the comparison with the corresponding Rutherford values in both systems and provides details about the effect of the electronic screening. All of the above are also presented graphically. To download the excel spreadsheet click here.

The Application

The standalone application provides the specified distribution (either angular or energy) in an ASCII, R33 file format. The generated files are suitable for implementation in all the widely used analytical codes (e.g. POTKU, SIMNRA, DF etc.). The same methodology is followed in both versions, however, the simplified application is not able to provide further information other than the requested distribution. To download the application for Windows click here.
How to install the application
To install the application simply extract the file MottCalc in your hard drive. For the application to run correctly the files MottCalc.exe and TableOfIsotopes.txt must be located inside the same file.Ιt is also recommended that the filepath for the folder MottCalc, where MottCalc.exe and TableOfIsotopes.txt are stored, does not contain any special characters. Otherwise it is possible that the application will not be able to locate the file TableOfIsotopes.txt.


MottCalc was developed as part of a Masters of Science thesis in the Physics and Technological Applications Masters Program at the National Technical University of Athens. The application was developed in C++ while the Graphical Interface is based on the Qt Company libraries. The excel spreadsheet is based on Visual Basic. Both versions are distributed freely under the revisited BSD license. The source code for the excel spreadsheet is included in it. To download the source code for the application click here.

Partial Three Body Kinematics Calculator

The present calculator was developed as part of a Diploma Thesis for the School of Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). This calculator describes the kinetic energy distribution of the m1 ejectile from a m02(m01,m1m2)m3 reaction at 0 degrees.

In particular, the Excel spreadsheet is based on the formulas described in the publication of A. B. Kagalenko and N. V. Kornilov (1987). Therefore, for a given three body reaction by the user, the spreadsheet:

To download the Excel spreadsheet, click here.